New Services! for 3 months old @ Sathorn branch

 June 2024  (for children 3.5-6 years)

Morning Class - Project approach/ Afternoon Class -  Crafts
 June 4 - 25, 2024 (16 days, Mon-Fri)

In the morning, the children will learn Thai through “Project approach” concept which focuses on thinking and trying interesting activities by themselves. For afternoon class, they will love to do some arts or make some crafts which will improve their imagination, their self  esteem, also their  vocabulary and listening skills

 July 2024  (for children 3.5-6 years)

Morning Class  - Experiment/ Afternoon Class - Cooking

July 8- 19, 2024, (10 days, Mon-Fri)

In the morning, teacher will focus on interesting experiments which the children will be excited by. The class will explore results and try to find the answers all together.  In the afternoon, they can continue their  fun studying by cooking  various menus, meanwhile, they also learn Thai  vocabulary, recipe, and relating process of cooking

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