New Services! for 3 months old @ Sathorn branch


         "Freedom" is good for the children. But sometimes, too much freedom leads to less discipline when they grow up.
         That is why the combination of good discipline and happy daily living is an important concept of Little Maple Nursery curriculum . It benefits directly and makes the children feel familiar with their social role and responsibility during the best appropriate learning age before 3 years old.
          Little Maple Nursery first opened in 2005 by Phamacist Raveewan Jariyakosol who graduated from the faculty of Pharmaceutical science (Chulalongkon University), and got Master degree of Business Administration (National Institute of Development Administration: NIDA) as well as certificate in Early childhood Development (Canada). She combined western curriculum with eastern culture and applied a unique curriculum style for Little Maple Nursery. 
        Here, the children will be developed along with knowledgeable, creative, and disciplinary activities which polish them to be qualified and confident grown up people.


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