Summer courses @ Sathorn Branch

 March 2020  (for children 3.5-8 years)

Morning Class  - Eng by Project Approach / Afternoon Class - Eng by crafts

Class A : Mom , Mar 9 - Tue, Mar 24, 2020 
Class BWed , Mar 11 - Thu , Mar 26, 2020
at Sathorn branch only (12 days, Mon-Fri)


      - the In The Morning, Children by Will Learn English Through The meeting project Approach,  Which Will Be Thoroughly Studied ons Used various Topics Focused ons The Subject Of Thinking Mounting Style Through Interesting Activities the In The Afternoon, Children by Will Enjoy Being A little Do Inventor From Used various art facility And the artifacts Girls Related To The. content learned in the morning Along with learning and reviewing more diverse vocabulary

       - In the morning, the project, which focuses on thinking and trying the interesting activities by themselves. For afternoon class, they will love to do some arts or make crafts that will improve their imagination, also their vocabularies and listening skills.

 May 2020  (for children 3.5-8 years)
Morning Class  - Eng by Experiment /  Afternoon Class  - Eng by cooking

Gruop A & BThu May 7 - Fri, May 15, 2020

at Sathorn branch only


     - This course Do The Do:: For The the In the The, Morning By subject Science Experiments, by Will the Develop English Mounting Style Through this Used Used various Exciting And Interesting Along a this Used With The Used various Vocabulary Learning The words Discussed Discussed the Associated The the In the The, Afternoon, the A Cook produces the The Training, And More Enjoy the Small Chef's Dish Of The the A. Used various Menus In Cooking activities by :

     the In The Morning, Teacher Will Focus ons Interesting Experiments Which Will Be Excited By The Children. The class will explore altogether. In the afternoon, they can continue learning by cooking various menus, and also learning vocabularies, recipes and relating process of cooking. 

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