Thai Class

Thai class is a course for the children who like to start basic Thai. Research found that 0-6 years old children can learn many languages and speak without accent, no confusion as well. This capability will stay forever if they approach to languages much enough

  At Little Maple, the Thai teacher will teach by nature method, starting from listening and speaking, then writing or reading, which promote their competency  well. 
 We have 3 courses in an academic year, one course is divided into 12 times

 Time:   3.30-5 pm, Tue & Thu
- Course 1 (Tue, Thu)     Oct 31–Dec 17, 2019
- Course 2 (Tue, Thu)    Jan 14-Feb 20, 2020
- Course 3 (Tue, Thu)    May 19-Jun 25, 2020
  (Closed on public holidays)


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